Admir Varajic
Director of BIM

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Fun Fact:

Ran an ultramarathon (50 miles race) to gain a better sense of willingness and optimism. I read somewhere “learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in life has a purpose”. I try to learn and experience life as much as I can and always look for opportunities to grow.


"Success is a collection of problems solved." - L.M. Pei

Having worked in the AEC industry for the last 13 years, Admir has developed design technology implementations across architecture and engineering disciplines. With a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and a master’s degree in Information Systems Management, Admir began his career with Jordan Jones and Goulding, a multidiscipline engineering firm, where he focused on civil, landscape, geotechnical, MEP, structure, process engineering, and GIS design projects in a technical specialist role.

From there, Admir transitioned to Jacobs Engineering, where he expanded his software knowledge across all Autodesk and Bentley platforms and led the southeastern region’s BIM processes on a wide range of design projects involving configurations, licensing, and dataset management for design software.

As Director of BIM for Cortland, Admir has implemented BIM technology across departments. His work includes transitioning teams from using CAD to 3D modeling software, creating new R&D technologies, and developing hardware and software standards and BIM technology workflows across Cortland’s departments.

American Society of Interior Designers
National Association of Home Builders
Multi-Family Executive
Senior House News Awards 2019
IIDA Georgia Chapter
American Institute of Architects
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