Visualization Services

Cortland Design provides visualization services for multifamily, commercial, hospitality, and residential use.

Every project begins with a vision, and Cortland Design can bring yours to life. Using the latest technology, our award-winning team of experts can turn project documents, drawings, and preliminary selections into clear and concise visuals. We offer multiple types of renderings to fit a wide variety of budgets and scopes. Use them throughout the design process or during the final stages, when your project is ready to be marketed to the public.

Gym with exercise balls, weights, and other equipment
Seating area with a coffee maker
Front desk and seating area
Seating area with a fireplace
Kitchen with hanging lamps and white cabinets

There are many benefits to using visualization services. It allows you to market an upcoming project with clear imagery before breaking ground or beginning construction, giving the public a realistic representation of what the finished product will look like. It also ensures alignment on design goals and objectives across every stage of your project.

Our Services

  • New Development & Renovation
  • Exterior & Interior
  • Versatile Lighting
  • 2D Still Renderings
  • 3D Still Renderings
  • 3D Animated Fly-Through Videos
  • Web-Based Virtual Reality Tours

Our Visualization Process

No matter what kind of project we’re visualizing, we firmly believe the best results are the product of a tried and tested process. At Cortland Design, we achieve great renders using a careful, meticulous approach based on data and refined with an experienced designer’s expert touch.

Source Data

  • We gather as much project source data as possible to create a detailed visual that accurately reflects design intent.


  • Starting with either a 3D model (from Revit or similar) or 2D CAD drawings, we create 3D representations of the structure, millwork, light fixtures, furniture, accessories, and landscape.


  • Once we have a clean 3D model, we proceed to add materials and finishes chosen throughout the design process.


  • To achieve a near-photographic look in our imagery, we add realistic lighting that takes into account the sun, sky, and any artificial lighting in the space.


  • We offer many different deliverable types of the final rendering based on your needs, budget, and target audience.
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3D rendering of a building

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