Cortland Design wouldn’t be the award-winning architecture and interior design firm it is today if it weren’t for our incredible team. We’re so proud of our designers, we want to give you the chance to get to know them. Today we’re featuring our very own Brittany Cavallotti.

Brittany received a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Marywood University in her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Then she continued to follow her passion for interior design by attending Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design, where she earned the Design Excellence Award for Interior Architecture before embarking on a career with Cortland as a design assistant.

Now a senior interior designer, Brittany has been part of the Cortland family for seven years, growing tremendously every step of the way. She currently covers the Mountain West region for the team, leveraging her talent, skill, and passion to create stunning interior designs inspired by each project’s unique surroundings. She is especially gifted in the realms of furniture design and using environmental psychology to inform her vision.

Brittany says her love for interior design began at an early age, probably when she was nine or ten years old. She loved the home makeover show Trading Spaces, and wanted to be just like the program’s Genevieve Gorder. “I remember constantly rearranging all of the furniture in my house and begging my mom every few months to let me paint my room a different color,” she says.

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In high school, Brittany took an interior design course, where she learned industry basics like color theory and the elements of design. She dreamed of living in New York City and designing spaces for celebrities.

While Brittany’s career path led her back to the Valley of the Sun, she couldn’t be prouder of her accomplishments and the experience she’s gained with Cortland Design. “It has been an absolute pleasure working and growing with Cortland over the years. The Cortland Design team truly feels like a family that I am very proud to be a part of,” she says. “I am always amazed to look at where we started and where we are today. We continue to strive to be better, learn from past mistakes, push creativity, and improve our client’s experiences.”

Some of Brittany’s most noteworthy interior design and new development projects include Cortland San Brisas, a renovated apartment complex in Chandler, Arizona, Cortland Desert Ridge and Courtney Village in Phoenix, and Westview at Lincoln Station in Lone Tree, Colorado. She’s also worked on multifamily projects including Cortland Mountain Vista, Cortland Galleria, Cortland Arrowhead Summit, Cortland Grand River, and Cortland Gateway Park.

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Above all, she likes working on multifamily projects. “I love being part of creating a comfortable place that families are excited to call home, as well as creating a comfortable community where people can interact,” she explains. “I also appreciate the creative freedom that comes along with multifamily design and the fairly quick transformation with our renovations.”

Considering her extensive portfolio, Brittany says she is most proud of the team’s finished model units. “There is something really special about taking a completely empty apartment and transforming it into a space that people can walk into, get excited about, and imagine themselves living in.”

When asked what she loves most about her job as an interior designer, it’s difficult for Brittany to nail down one specific thing. But if she had to choose, she says, “I really enjoy the challenges and the problem-solving efforts that go into our improvements. Very often there are constraints posed by renovation projects while you work to achieve a goal. We use all the tools we have to visualize and collaborate with team members to come up with solutions and when those solutions are successfully executed it is extremely satisfying.

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