At Cortland Design, we’ve learned that sometimes the best ideas are found in the most unexpected places. That’s why we constantly strive to bring spaces to life by thinking outside the box and considering areas that are often overlooked.

There’s no reason for utilitarian spaces to look dreary and abandoned. In fact, neglecting these areas when renovating can detract from an otherwise beautiful building.

To put the finishing touches on some of our Atlanta and Raleigh based multifamily communities, we turned to Marge Art, a talented local artist known for her bright-colored murals, abstract painting, and unique wallpaper designs.

Cortland Decatur East

Decatur is known for its many murals, graffiti walls, and sculptures depicting everything from historical figures to cartoon characters to flying pigs.

So turning the electrical box that sits in front of Cortland’s Decatur East community into a piece of art, not only made perfect sense but it also captured the vibe of this lively neighborhood, with its eclectic mix of independent coffee shops, brewpubs, and movie theaters.

Additionally, Marge painted colorful lines on the entrance stairs to create directional pathways for residents and visitors. In this way, we were able to add an artistic element that also served a valuable purpose. It was the ultimate blend of form and function.

Cortland at Phipps Plaza

At Cortland’s Phipps Plaza community, Marge was commissioned to paint the courtyard just off the clubroom to create an inviting, fun atmosphere and add an eclectic visual touch.

The courtyard contains a grill area, plenty of outdoor seating, and family-friendly games like ping pong and foosball, all overlooking the community dog park. It’s the perfect outdoor oasis for residents and visitors.

Marge chose colors that would complement those used in the club room space, playing off the hues provided by the interior design team, who trusted her vision to help revitalize the space. The finished panels maintain the natural flow from the club area while brightening up the entire space with their vibrant shades.

Cortland Midtown East

Mailrooms are often overlooked and lackluster, but it’s a place residents visit daily, so why not add some colorful ambiance?

This particular mailroom is located just off of Cortland’s Midtown East leasing office on the way to the pool, a path many residents traverse on their way to take a dip or soak up the sunshine.

Therefore, we wanted to brighten up the journey by utilizing colors that would encourage a relaxed state of mind.

Marge used her talent and a great eye for color to make sure the mural fits perfectly with the community. She used the bold blues in the pool furniture as her color inspiration along with heavy lines in varying floor lengths to add interest. 

The clean, soothing shades of blue and green make the entire space more inviting and also brighten up residents’ journeys as they head to the mailroom or the pool.

About the Artist

Marge loves bright colors and has since she was young.

She says, “One of the main purposes behind my work is to create something magnificent, quirky and bright that will provoke happiness from the viewer. I never realized until I started creating art how happy it made certain people.”

Although her original inspiration to paint was because she loved it, hearing people’s feedback only compounds the drive that she has and the passion behind her work.