Great interior design is the result of passion, creativity and experience. In fact, it’s a journey that requires as much heart and soul as it does talent and effort. Every great interior design team begins each project knowing they will be investing themselves on a very personal level. This allows us to do what we do best in ways that add beauty and value to the lives of every client, individual and family we touch. 

Whether it’s a renovation or a new build, there’s only one way to create great design and that’s by collaborating with our clients. By creating together, we are able to approach each day with a purpose and commitment that allows us to bring inspiration and value into each and every one of our designs.

Here’s a look into our interior design process and the steps we take for those interested in understanding the importance and evolution of beautiful design.

Step 1: Refining the Architectural Design 

If the project is still in the conceptual stage, we have more freedom when it comes to refining the architectural design. Our team of interior designers and architects will sit down directly with our clients to review drawings of the existing structure, discuss modifications to the space, and conceptualize a design framework based on style preferences and functional requirements. We will work with our clients to establish a shared vision that’s realistic, within budget, and adds value through customized and intelligent design. Once the vision is agreed upon, our team submits the new architectural plans to the appropriate municipal agencies for approval and permitting. 

Step 2: Finding Inspiration For Interior Design

Because we’ve been working so closely with our client from day one, we’re ready to start sourcing materials, finishes, furnishings and design features that will enhance the creative vision. Once all elements are chosen, our team will present a detailed mood board to give the client a better idea of how we imagine their space – defining the color palette, imagery, and example furnishings. When this is pinned down and our clients are happy, we begin the process of bringing these ideas to life.

Cortland Design Mood Board for Arrowhead Summit

Cortland Design mood board created for the Arrowhead Summit in Arizona. Notice the pointed angle design elements mimicking the end of an arrow. Cool colors. Calming desert elements. They all come together to capture the natural essence of the property. 

Step 3: Creating Renderings

Once the project’s design elements are established, we create detailed renderings that show an exact representation of how everything will come together. This is an intensive process in itself and one that’s a mix of both art and technology. Our Visualization Artists will work with the latest Building Information Modeling (BIM) software takes the mood board, materials and finish selections, and create a 3D preview to show the client how the completed space will look. At Cortland Design, we are very detailed in the rendering process to ensure every inch of space aligns with our vision and exceeds our client’s expectations. 

Renderings can prove to be invaluable. Watch our Arrowhead Summit rendering become a reality and see just how precisely our vision is transformed into the completed space. 

Step 4: Refinement and Installation of the Final Product

In the last step, our inspiration and vision are ready to come together. We’ll review our renderings and make any necessary adjustments – fine-tuning our furnishings, fabrics or fixtures – as ideas can evolve during the life of a project. Because we’ve been so methodical during our interior design process, we’re able to see things with complete clarity, and that includes areas where we might want to put final touches on the finished product. Despite any minor changes, our final product will always be a space born from a shared vision and created using a process that keeps things on point, on budget and on time. To us, that’s beautiful. 

Multifamily Interior Design

The final installation of Arrowhead Summit Leasing Center and Clubhouse

The next time you step into a space that moves you, take a moment to consider everything that went into creating it. We promise there was a lot more than meets the eye to make sure every design is maximized in terms of value, functionality, and, of course, style. If you’re interested in learning more about the interior design process, we’d be happy to tell you about ours at Cortland Design. Get in Touch Today.

From Rendering to Reality: A Look Into Our Interior Design Process
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From Rendering to Reality: A Look Into Our Interior Design Process
Great interior design is the result of passion, creativity and experience. In fact, it’s a journey that requires as much heart and soul as it...
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