The year 2020 was a wild, scary ride for everyone, but despite the hardships triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, one silver lining emerged on the interior design front. With much of the world working remotely and spending more time than ever at home, we saw a significant focus on improving interior spaces, getting creative with home renovations and remodels, and finding unique ways to optimize and brighten up our home offices. The result was an emergence of fresh, innovative design trends that will likely stick around into 2021 and beyond, as people continue to adapt to a new normal that involves more opportunities to work from home and a shift toward improving and enhancing living spaces. Here are some of our favorite interior design trends of 2020.

More Color Everywhere

Perhaps to combat the shadow of anxiety, stress, and sadness that COVID-19 cast over the world, we saw people brightening up all-white or neutral interiors with bold splashes of vivid color. From accents like vibrant throw cushions and statement art to entire apartment redesigns that featured upbeat hues, color was an easy and obvious way to replace negativity with good vibrations. It’s best represented with Pantone’s selections for Color of the Year 2021 — a grounding, steadfast grey paired with a sunny, cheerful yellow that are simultaneously reassuring and hopeful when used together. 

2021 Pantone colors

Making Outdoor Spaces More Enjoyable

Those wary of traveling during a pandemic, or grounded due to international and domestic travel restrictions, found themselves placing more and more importance on the idea of an at-home escape. Outdoor spaces became mini-oases for many people locked down, which in turn spurred a movement to transform balconies, terraces, and backyards into places of comfort and tranquility. For the first time in a long while, exterior design became just as important as interior design.

Outdoor space area

Revolutionizing The Home Office 

When the pandemic first hit, companies around the world transitioned to a work from home scenario. In many industries, that reality continues today. As weeks spent working remotely turned into months, people began looking for ways to make their home offices more comfortable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. From better office equipment and ergonomic furniture to design elements curated to boost productivity and focus, designing your dream work-from-home space became a top priority for many working professionals. It’s a trend we don’t see changing any time soon, as many companies have adopted permanent or flexible work remote policies. 

Home office decor

Showing Love For Small Businesses

Small, independently-owned businesses were hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and many found themselves on the brink of shuttering. Because of this, we saw consumers begin to make more conscious purchases, supporting small local businesses and artisans whenever possible. Purchasing recycled, second-hand furniture and design elements also saw a boost, as homeowners searched for authentic pieces that could make a home feel more lived in. Finally, recycled and upcycled materials also rose to the forefront in interior design, as the pandemic shone a light on environmental issues and spurred many to focus on doing their own part to protect the planet and reduce their carbon footprints. 

While 2020 will definitely go down as one of the worst years in recent history, these design trends are a testament to people’s resilience and ability to find hope and inspiration through interior design. From incorporating vibrant colors and eco-friendly, locally sourced materials to transforming outdoor spaces into at-home escapes, each of these trends will hopefully carry us into a brighter, more positive year that makes way for even more innovation and creativity.