The holidays come just once a year and there are always mixed emotions when the decorations come down each year. While it is appropriate to take down the tree and put away the ornaments, there are some festive decorating that you can do and enjoy throughout the upcoming year. 

Refresh A Room

Something as simple as painting, replacing window treatments, or adding accent colors can refresh a room, provide a new look, and create an atmosphere of festivity that you can enjoy past the holidays. 

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Denim. While no one could anticipate what 2020 held in store, Pantone did accurately predict that we’d be focusing on “home” this year. Classic Denim is a “timeless and enduring hue”, and brings forth an easy and more simpler time. You can incorporate it by painting an accent wall or even the entire room, interior accents like curtains, throw pillows and vases. You have a new look for the holidays that you can enjoy for the entire year.

Classic blue may not be your style but the same principle applies regardless of what colors you prefer. Painting an accent wall or an entire room can rejuvenate a look and set the stage for celebration. 

Similarly, accents can give a new look to your interior. For example, if you have a monochromatic room, you can punch it up with a bright red throw blanket. Adding sumptuous velvet window treatments can add elegance for the holidays that you will want to keep all year through. 

Keep It Green

A sneak peak into interior trends for 2021 shows that houseplants are going to be big. A great place to start with that is decorating for the holidays. It may be true that buying a live Christmas tree can be expensive. However, if you are able to plant it outside in your yard or garden, it will truly be a memory piece that you will enjoy for years to come. 

If taking on a full-sized tree is a bit forbidding, there are many easy-care houseplants that you can deck out for the holidays with ornaments, tinsel or use as garlands. There is the traditional poinsettia that now comes in a variety of colors. Christmas cactus has lovely delicate blooms and are easy to take care of. Your local florist most likely will have a selection of forced bulbs if you don’t want to try it yourself. You can remember the holidays when spring comes and you plant your bulbs in your garden. Ivy is perfect for draping along a mantle or shaping into a wreath. 

Bedroom with small Chrismas tree, garland, lights

Cultivating bonsai is perfect for those looking for a leisure pursuit. There are many miniature evergreens that you can incorporate into your holiday look. Then you can relax with them long into the future. 

The Little Things

There are also smaller-scale things that you can do to create that happy holiday feeling. 

Candles can definitely add an inviting atmosphere to your home. The selection of candles at your fingertips seems to be as limitless as your imagination. There are pillar candles, tea candles, floating candles, tapers, scented candles, container candles and votives.

Tall white candle in saucer on dresser

Create a picture wall or photo display of people that you typically spend the holidays with. Not only will you have a beautiful decoration, but you will also remember those you love even if you can’t be with them this year. 

Nothing says, “Cheers!” like a distinctive set of glassware. Buying a special set of glasses is the perfect way to toast the holidays in addition to ringing in the New Year.

Create A Year Around Outdoor Room

It may seem like a silly idea to have an outdoor room in the winter. In fact, in ski towns and other cold climate communities, outdoor cafes are commonplace. Using a center fire pit and comfortable chairs can create a warm conversation area for those needing a breath of fresh air to relax with a cup of hot chocolate. Don’t forget that grilled foods and barbecues are also wonderful for holiday celebrations.

Source: Pottery Barn

Holiday Eating

Food is a large part of holiday celebrations. Preparing holiday meals is almost a festivity in itself. It seems like everyone comes into the kitchen to sneak a cookie or taste the gravy. Create a convivial environment in the kitchen. A windowsill herb garden is not only a way to infuse delicious flavors into your meals but it adds a lasting green accent. An artful display of cookbooks can add interest as well as practicality. 

Kitchen with Cookbook on Shelves
Source: Houzz

2020 will truly be a holiday season unlike any other. Whether you are able to spend it with loved ones, virtually with friends and loved ones, or happily on your own, making some lasting holiday decor can help you carry that feeling of the holidays throughout the upcoming year. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours from our team at Cortland Design!