Designing a new space in your home gives you the opportunity to discover your unique characteristics and style. Your home is your canvas, and the right design can make it easy to let your personality shine through. At Cortland Design, we are here to help guide you through that process and create the space you desire.

With a virtual design consultation, our team will walk you through each step, infusing your personal style in each decision we make, together.

Here is what we want our clients to know about our online interior design service.

1. What Is A Virtual Design Consultation?

A virtual design consultation gives you the opportunity to meet with one of our expert interior designers online. Using modern technology, such as Skype or Zoom, our designers will be able to see your space, discuss ideas, and come up with a design that expresses your vision, all while social distancing.

2. What Will You Experience During A Cortland Design Virtual Consultation?

When you reach out to us for a virtual design consultation, we will begin with a 30-minute design discovery call. During this phone call, a designer will gather information about your design and/or project goals so that we can fully understand your vision for space. Whether you are doing a complete renovation or just want to redesign your space with fresh color or furniture, we will help you facilitate your vision and make it happen.

Following your initial design discovery call, the in-depth planning begins with a one-hour virtual design consultation. During the design consultation, your designer will dive further into the design process. We will discuss everything from paint color selection to space planning, furniture, and accessories selection, and more. Your designer will spend time making sure they fully understand your goals and vision to ensure we design a space that you love. 

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We know that to accurately reflect your ideas, our designers need to immerse themselves in your vision. That is why we place such a high value on the relationship with our clients. This is not a rushed, one-size-fits-all design process. It is a personalized journey.

After you have finished your virtual consultation with your designer, you will receive two creative design options to choose from. Once you select the ideas that best reflect your vision, we will coordinate the purchase and delivery of what you select. From furniture services or selection to paint, our interior designers will take the design you choose and make it a reality.

Our team uses contactless delivery to help secure everything you need safely so that you will be on your way to building the room you envisioned!

3. How Much Does Our Online Interior Design Service Cost?

We work to make it simple and affordable to design the room you want. When you work with us at Cortland Design, you will pay a non-refundable $150 fee for a one-hour virtual consultation, but that cost is then rolled into the price of your furniture selection.

4. Who Should Consider A Virtual Design Consultation?

Working with our interior designers at Cortland Design offers the perfect solution for those who want to create a room that authentically reflects them, but either:

  • Have trouble getting started with their own design
  • Need help bringing the project from their vision to reality
  • Need some ideas to help them bring out the best in their space and elevate its potential

Our designers pledge to go above and beyond your expectations. We recognize the importance of understanding the vision of our clients so that we can use our design abilities to create the perfect space.

We see what you, our client, intend for your home and what you are missing to help bridge this gap.

5. What Type Of Suggestions Might I Receive From Your Virtual Design Services?

When you speak with our design team during your virtual consultation, we will provide detailed advice about successfully designing a space. We will:

  • Discuss color schemes and palettes that will reflect the emotions and style you want the room to embody
  • Learn about floor plans that will help the room feel comfortable and useable
  • Consider the furniture that will accent the new room and add to its atmosphere
  • Select the lighting and fixtures that help complete the look and ambiance that fits your space

When it comes to redesigning a room or renovating your space, a virtual interior design consultation will provide you with the ideas you need to get started. We can plan, design and deliver all while you remain safe in the comfort of your home. Let’s work together to create your perfect space! Schedule your consultation today.